How to Make Money Playing Golf

Playing golf isn’t just about the game – it can also be a way to pad your pockets. So, whether you’re gung-ho about golf or on the hunt for fresh moneymaking channels, the sport has countless opportunities in store. You could go pro as a golfer, create a buzzing blog, or even become an instructor. The options are virtually limitless! In this piece, we’ll delve into diverse methods to rake in some cash while savoring every moment on the green. Whether you fancy monetizing your skills during gameplay or chalk up victories off the turf with your wisdom of the sport, there’s something for every golfer to exploit their passion and turn it into solid career success. Ready to dive right in and discover how you can transform your fondness for golf into cold hard cash? Let’s go!

A Golf Mystery Shopper

If you love golf and have a keen eye for detail, becoming a golf mystery shopper could be an exciting way to make money. As a golf mystery shopper, you’ll have the opportunity to visit various golf courses and evaluate their customer service, amenities, and overall experience. Your feedback will help course owners identify areas for improvement and ensure their patrons have the best possible experience. You might assess factors such as golf course maintenance, golf club fitting services, or even golf equipment endorsements. This unique role allows you to play the game you love while getting paid for your valuable opinions. Plus, it’s a great way to enhance your understanding of golf course management and gain insights into the industry from a customer’s perspective.

How Much Money Can You Make Playing Golf?

There are various income sources available for golf enthusiasts, and the amount of money you can make playing golf depends on several factors. The first, and most obvious, source of income is through tournament winnings. Professional golfers have the opportunity to earn significant prize money by competing in tournaments at different levels. Additionally, players can generate income through endorsement deals and sponsorship opportunities that come with a successful career.

Another way to make money playing golf is by leveraging your skills and knowledge to offer golf coaching services. Whether it’s providing personalized lessons or hosting golf teaching clinics, there is a demand for qualified instructors. Moreover, sharing your expertise through engaging content such as golf video tutorials on various platforms can create additional monetization opportunities.

If you’ve always had a passion for writing about golf, starting a blog focused on the sport can be a lucrative venture. Through affiliate marketing partnerships with businesses in the golf industry, sponsored content, and display ads, you can generate revenue based on website traffic and engagement.

Beyond playing and instructing, there are numerous opportunities in the industry itself. If you have a keen interest in event planning or course management, organizing golf events or getting involved in golf course design can be financially rewarding.

Lastly, don’t forget about merchandise sales! From selling branded apparel to reviewing golf equipment and offering valuable insights online, you can tap into the market of avid golfers looking for recommendations and information before making purchases.

With creativity and determination, there are countless ways to turn your passion for golf into a profitable endeavor. Whether it’s pursuing a professional career as an athlete or exploring business ventures within the industry, the potential for financial success in the world of golf is vast. So why not combine your love for the sport with entrepreneurial spirit? The possibilities are endless!

Ways to Make Money With Golf

  1. Get Your Tour Card: If you’ve got serious talent and dream of going pro, why not aim for a tour card? Competing in professional tournaments can land you some serious dough based on how well you play.
  2. Sell Golf Stuff: Another avenue to explore is selling golf-related products. You can start an online business or use popular platforms like eBay or Amazon to sell everything from snazzy golf apparel to top-notch equipment. You could even create your own line of merchandise if you’re feeling extra creative!
  3. Start a Blog: Want to combine your love for writing with your passion for golf? Consider starting a blog focused entirely on the sport. This opens up various income streams, including affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and revenue from advertising partnerships with golf-related businesses.
  4. Become a Golf Influencer: If you’ve got some serious clout in the golf community, why not leverage it? By establishing yourself as an influencer, you could score collaborations with brands and companies seeking promotional partnerships within the industry.
  5. Become a Golf Instructor: Are you a master at teaching others and have an in-depth understanding of the game? Becoming a certified golf instructor can provide a steady source of income through coaching sessions and lessons.
  6. Join a Local Golf Tournament: Participating in local tournaments can lead to exciting opportunities like cash prizes or even sponsorship deals if you perform well.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to making money with golf. Take the time to consider your own skills, interests, and long-term goals within the sport before diving into any particular endeavor!

Get Your Tour Card

To pursue a professional golf career, getting your tour card is a significant milestone. Your tour card allows you to compete at the highest level and access lucrative golf tournaments with substantial prize money. Securing a spot on a professional tour requires exceptional skill, dedication, and hard work.

Before applying for your tour card, it’s crucial to focus on improving your game and enhancing your physical fitness. Consider investing in golf fitness training to optimize your performance on the course. Physical conditioning is essential for maximizing distance, endurance, and overall gameplay.

Once you feel ready, research the eligibility criteria and application process for obtaining a tour card. Participate in qualifying events or attend golf event planning sessions to gain exposure and increase your chances of success.

Remember, earning your tour card is just the beginning. Building a successful golf career involves leveraging various income sources such as golf sponsorship deals, golf tournament earnings, and even generating revenue through golf merchandise sales or golf apparel sales.

So, if you aspire to make money while playing golf professionally, focus on getting your tour card while simultaneously exploring other avenues that align with your skills and interests in the golf industry.

Sell Golf Stuff

If you’re a golf enthusiast like me, you can turn your passion into profit by selling golf stuff. It’s an exciting and potentially lucrative endeavor that allows you to reach a global audience. Whether it’s high-quality golf equipment or sought-after merchandise, there are endless opportunities to monetize your love for the sport.

To get started, I recommend partnering with manufacturers or wholesalers to access discounted rates on golf products. This way, you can offer competitive prices while still making a profit. You could also focus on specific niches within the golf industry, such as reviewing golf equipment or developing golf apps. By selling products that cater to these niches, you’ll attract a targeted audience and increase your chances of making sales.

Another fantastic option is exploring opportunities in golf website monetization. As an affiliate marketer, you can collaborate with brands and promote their products on your website or blog. In return, you’ll earn a commission for every sale referred through your platform. Alternatively, if advertising is more your style, consider offering ad space on your website for companies looking to reach passionate golf enthusiasts.

By embracing these digital platforms and selling golf-related items online, not only can you make money but also share your love for the sport with others around the world. There are various avenues to explore within the realm of selling golf stuff – find the approach that resonates best with your skills and interests and embark on this exciting journey!

Start a Blog

Starting a blog about golf can be a great way to share your passion for the sport while also generating some income. When you start a golf blog, you can create content around various topics such as golf equipment reviews, golf course advertising, golf travel packages, and golf mental coaching. By providing valuable information and insights to fellow golf enthusiasts, you can attract a dedicated audience. As your blog grows in popularity, you can explore opportunities for golf affiliate marketing and collaborate with brands in the industry. Additionally, you can offer sponsored content or advertising space on your blog to generate additional revenue. With the right approach and consistent effort, starting a golf blog can become a rewarding venture both financially and personally.

Become a Golf Influencer

Becoming a successful golf influencer requires mastering the art of utilizing social media platforms to expand your audience and establish influence in the golf community. The rise of social media has completely transformed how we connect and exchange information, making it easier than ever to reach a large number of people. As a golf influencer, my mission is to provide valuable and captivating content that resonates with my followers. This can involve sharing helpful tips and tricks, posting intriguing videos and photos capturing my golfing adventures, or even collaborating with other influencers within the industry. In addition, crafting a strong personal brand and positioning myself as an expert in this field will attract potential sponsors and partnerships, allowing me to monetize my influence through collaborations involving branded content and sponsored posts. It’s crucial to stay consistent – by regularly posting and engaging with my audience while staying true to my unique voice and style. So let’s grab our clubs, unleash our creativity, and embark on the journey of building our empire as golf influencers!

Become a Golf Instructor

Do you have a deep love for golf and an innate desire to teach others? If so, becoming a golf instructor can be an incredibly fulfilling opportunity to not only share your expertise but also earn a significant income in the industry.

As someone who has dedicated their life to this beautiful sport, being a golf instructor grants you the privilege of imparting your knowledge and honed skills onto eager students who are searching for ways to improve their game and elevate their performance on the course.

To truly establish yourself as an esteemed professional, it is highly recommended that you seek certification through renowned organizations like the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). This prestigious certification not only enhances your credibility within the industry but also acts as a magnet, attracting numerous aspiring players to learn from you. Once you receive your certification, endless opportunities open up for you — from providing private lessons at local courses to even establishing your very own esteemed golf academy.

Of course, there’s more than one avenue when it comes to boosting your income as a golf instructor. Hosting group lessons or conducting golf clinics can prove incredibly lucrative endeavors. By offering targeted training on specific facets of the game such as putting or driving, you cater to diverse skill levels while attracting a larger, more varied audience.

Furthermore, with today’s technological advancements, leveraging online platforms through golf online courses allows you to expand beyond just local clientele. Creating captivating instructional videos or engaging online tutorials enables students from all corners of the world to benefit from your unmatched expertise and become part of your thriving virtual community.

In terms of generating revenue sources as a golf instructor, there is no shortage of options. You can charge hourly lesson fees or offer attractive package deals tailored specifically for different skill levels and desired outcomes. Additionally, consider collaborating with various facilities where you teach by entering into revenue-sharing partnerships that guarantee both incredible exposure and financial rewards.

With unwavering dedication and a knack for effective marketing strategies, such as creating an enticing website or harnessing the power of social media platforms, your potential to grow your client base and increase your earnings as a golf instructor knows no bounds.

Remember, embracing this remarkable journey not only allows you to earn a living by indulging in what you’re most passionate about but also paves the way for personal growth. Witnessing others’ transformational journeys and being an instrumental part of their evolution on the greens is an incredibly rewarding experience that feeds your soul and inspires you to

Join a Local Golf Tournament

Are you a golf enthusiast looking to earn some money while indulging in your passion? Well, look no further than joining a local golf tournament! Not only will these tournaments provide an exhilarating experience, but they also give you the chance to win some prize money. By participating in these events, you get to display your skills and gain recognition within the close-knit golf community of your area. Additionally, competing against other talented golfers will help elevate your game and open doors for potential sponsors or opportunities in the industry. So, grab hold of your trusty golf clubs, practice that swing till it shines, and prepare yourself for an amazing time at a nearby golf tournament – it could be your golden ticket to financial rewards and personal growth on those lush greens.

Get a Job in the Golf Industry

Whether you’re a golf fanatic or simply dreaming of making a living doing what you love, finding a job in the golf industry could be the ultimate jackpot. From managing lush green courses to assisting customers in a pro shop, organizing exciting events, or even selling top-notch golf equipment, there’s an array of thrilling roles awaiting you. By working at a golf course or related businesses, not only can you satisfy your longing for the game but also immerse yourself in an exhilarating golf community. So, if you yearn for a rewarding career that combines your passion with financial stability, take a swing and explore the boundless opportunities in the golf industry.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to make money through golf. Whether you’re a professional player looking to earn big through golf prize money, or an enthusiast wanting to monetize your love for the sport, there are plenty of opportunities available.

One option is golf blogging, where you can create a platform to share your knowledge and insights. This allows you to not only generate income through ads and partnerships, but also establish yourself as a credible source in the golf community.

Another avenue is exploring various golf income sources such as social media marketing. With the rise of platforms like Instagram and YouTube, becoming a golf influencer can provide lucrative sponsorship deals and collaborations.

Moreover, considering the growth in technology, venturing into golf app development can be promising. Offering innovative solutions like score-tracking apps or swing analysis tools has great potential in the market.

For those with an eye for photography, offering golf photography services can be a unique way to combine your passion for both photography and golf.

Furthermore, individuals interested in business opportunities can explore options like starting a company specializing in golf simulator rentals or other related services.

To sum it up, by tapping into different streams such as professional playing, blogging, social media marketing, app development, photography services, and more; you have various avenues to explore when it comes to making money within the exciting world of golf.


Is it possible to make money playing golf?

Yes, it is possible to make money playing golf through various avenues such as becoming a professional golfer, selling golf-related products, starting a blog, becoming a golf influencer, becoming a golf instructor, joining local golf tournaments, and getting a job in the golf industry.

How much money can I make playing golf?

The amount of money you can make playing golf depends on various factors such as your skill level, the avenues you pursue to make money, and the demand for your services. Professional golfers can earn millions of dollars, while others may make a significant income through sponsorships, endorsements, and other opportunities.

Do I need to be a professional golfer to make money with golf?

No, you don’t need to be a professional golfer to make money with golf. There are various ways to monetize your passion for golf, such as selling golf-related products, starting a blog, becoming a golf influencer, becoming a golf instructor, joining local golf tournaments, and getting a job in the golf industry.

How can I become a golf influencer?

To become a golf influencer, you can start by creating content related to golf on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. Focus on providing value, building an engaged audience, and collaborating with other golf influencers and brands. As your following grows, you may have opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships.

What qualifications do I need to become a golf instructor?

The qualifications to become a golf instructor may vary depending on the country or region. However, most golf instructors have a strong knowledge of the game, experience playing golf, and a certification from a recognized golf teaching organization such as the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). It is also beneficial to have good communication skills and a passion for teaching.

Can I make money by participating in local golf tournaments?

Yes, you can make money by participating in local golf tournaments. Many tournaments offer cash prizes for winners and top performers. Additionally, participating in tournaments can help you gain exposure and potentially attract sponsorships or endorsements.

How can I get a job in the golf industry?

To get a job in the golf industry, you can explore opportunities at golf courses, golf resorts, golf equipment companies, golf event management companies, golf media outlets, and golf organizations. Consider your skills and interests, and network within the industry to find job openings or create connections that can lead to employment.